robo crm enables sales team

Empowering Insurance Sales Agents, with a growth hack CRM

A Platform built to empower your marketing & sales teams. With Opportunity Mgmt, Activities, Kanban board, Reports, Dashboards & more., Robo CRM enables your team to quickly prioritize work to help reach goal.

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On Premise. Customized Insurance CRM

Reasons to choose Robo CRM

Easy-to-use. Value for money. Future Ready.

Manage Leads

robo crm enables sales team

All of your sales opportunity information in one place.

The easy-to-use interface is the ultimate enterprise growth hack. Save time and increase sales by viewing all information on a single page with contact info, communication history,lead score, social media accounts, deals, notes, appointments, tasks and more.

Know what to work on

Lead scoring surfaces your hottest leads, so you don’t have to spend time digging into your lead list. Spend time instead on follow-ups and spotting leads who require nurturing.

Lead Scoring

robo crm enables sales team

Social Enrichment

robo crm enables sales team

Avoid Manual Data Entry

With the power of Social CRM, get accurate data of your contacts with just a click. We get data from multiple social platforms - Linked In, Facebook, Twitter

Collaboration made easy

A tool that enables your sales team to see each other in real time, Screen Sharing, Audio Chat, Text Chat, see Real time content sync. All within Robo CRM.

Robo Teamwork

robo crm enables sales team

Territory Management

robo crm enables sales team

Segmentation made easy.

Group your sales team by geographic locations, deal size, industry or any field in the leads module. Divide and conquer your sales pipeline by allocating users by their sales expertise and automatically assign leads to them.

See everything. Miss Nothing.

Use Robo CRM to collaborate with your team on tasks. Schedule meetings or demos with prospects and customers, and get email alerts to remind you. Make quick notes against each contact; manage and share files.

My Activities

robo crm enables sales team

My Pipeline

robo crm enables sales team

Visibility on sales pipeline, and opportunities.

Robo CRM brings Kanban Board to your sales team, at a glance know how their pipeline of prospects looks. This board lets you move any lead/deal from one status to next while having an overall view of deals at different stages!

Progress at a glance.

A rich and informative dashboard that provides your progress at a glance!

My Goals

robo crm enables sales team

Manage Team

robo crm enables sales team

Build your Team, set their goals, and administer.

Robo CRM enables Manager to create/deactivate sales teams, set their goals for the fiscal year and do other admin activities.

Robo is here to help!

No more boring support documentation, Robo CRM provides a guided help option on every page. It provides animated and instant help as and when you use the feature.

Guided Help

robo crm enables sales team

Our Core Features

Built around Sales, boost team productivity, align goals with your team.

Activity Management

  • Tasks, Meetings & Calls
  • Activity History
  • Push Notifications & Alerts
  • Team Calendars

Sales Forecasting

  • Predictive Scoring
  • Sales Pipeline Stages
  • Dashboard Insights

Sales Automation

  • Deal Management
  • Bulk Lead Upload
  • Contact Management
  • Customer 360° View
  • Scan to Lead
robo crm enables sales team

Marketing Automation

  • Effortless Email Marketing
  • Bulk Email
  • Campaign Designer
  • Campaign Analytics

Product Configurator

  • Define Insurance Products
  • Tailor made Products
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Versioning & History

Analytics & Reports

  • Key Metrics for Managers
  • Sales & Activity Report
  • Dashboard for Sales
  • Deal Stage Kanban Board
robo crm enables sales team

Now Drive your sales with powerful reports

Quickly understand where you are this month across your pipeline. How much was closed? What’s still open, and how much activity have you generated this week? How much revenue each of your product is generating? Who is doing better?


We are offering a full featured Insurance CRM customized for your needs. Which can be hosted on your premise for a very affordable price.


  • Manage Leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Rich Dashboard
  • Tasks and Activity Calendar
  • Sales Goals
  • Customer 360°
  • Multiple Insurance Carriers
  • Products Configurator
  • Campaign Management
  • Global Search
  • (Bulk) Emails
  • Deal Summary
  • Custom Fields
  • Sales forecasting
  • Document library
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Case Management
  • Invoicing
  • Social CRM
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Robo Teamwork
  • Mobile CRM (Progressive App)
  • Lead Distribution Rules
  • Work Flows
  • Customer Support by email & voice 24X7